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Cash Flow Rental Plans


At City of Seattle, ADUniverse Gallery

Video clip

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I learned about this opportunity around noon on the last day for entry. It was good to see that all three of my entries were accepted. These were the only renderings I had on hand for ADUs. I have many, many more on file that obtained permits and were built. See a few of the ready-to-use plans in our portfolio on this site at “menu”.

20×20 Duplex

20×20 Foot Duplex

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If you just want to see the floor plan and furniture layout of a typical unit, go to: What to build during a recession,

Small quick real estate development cash flow, California SB 9 & 10 development building plans.

This is an e- brochure of the plan for 5 studio units in a 1000 square foot building.

5 Apartments in a 1000 Square Foot Building

Designed for good positive cash flow. It is designed so that two units pay for the building, and the other three units provide an income stream.

If you just want to see the floor plan and furniture layout of a typical unit, go to: I charge a small fee for this intellectual property to prevent abuse.

Almost like a license to print money, and help with the housing crisis at the same time.

Complete building plans are available, use the contact form.

Flat roof, one story and very inexpensive construction. The exterior can be stucco, Hardie Board, or super low cost single wall sheathing. We can modify as you like, and provide your site plans , for additional fees.

Please obtain the floor plan and basic materials list, in the e-brochure. Click HERE

5 Units in 1000 Square Feet

400 Square Foot, Wheelchair Accessible ADU Plans

The cottage of a late 19th Century seamstress inspired the design of this cute and cozy ADU.

Plans are available directly. Please Use contact form.
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Review the floor plans and consider the cost to build.
We can customize.
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One Story House Plans

House BU-01

New one story house plans from

Most are between 400 to 3000 square feet

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All plans are ready-to-use, and have been permitted and built within the last three years

We can quickly modify as you like

The sketch above is how the exterior of this plan looks before you provide your exterior finishing details

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20’x20′ ADU

20’x20′ Plans

You can create a mini house, ADU or other income property.
Get plans for: 20×20, 400 square foot, two bedroom, ADU plans. Also pair of flats, and coach house. Visit the links below. Questions? Use any contact form below.

The plan book provides an overview of all three projects and showcases the floor plan

Plan Book
Coach House
Pair of Flats


Accessible Study Plan Book

Study Plan Ebook

Download immediately

A new era of residential design is making homes more tailored to the needs of individuals instead of one standard rancher fits all.

Boomers, in particular are finding that retirement solutions that allow them to continue being independent are scarce, especially when they are seeking to downsize.

These designs; one economy, one premium offer solutions for both parts of the population

Use this ebook for preliminary cost and financing information to help decide which plan works best for you.

Please feel free to contact, using any form on this site  about customization or custom design.


The Accessible A-Frame

The Ultimate Accessible Cottage

The Ultimate Accessible Cottage

The Ultimate Downsized Accessible Retirement Cottage with Rental Unit Potential, designed by William Edward Summers

The Ultimate Downsized Accessible Retirement Cottage with Rental Unit Potential

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The Ultimate Downsized Accessible

Retirement Cottage

* Accessible bathroom and kitchen

* No Stairs in the main living areas

* Finished attic for your ideas

* Self contained caretaker’s or

rental studio

*Bonus office or guest bedroom

*Large front porch

Download Plans immediately

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