5 Units in 1000 Square Feet

This is an e- brochure of the plan for 5 studio units in a 1000 square foot building. Designed for good positive cash flow. It is designed so that two units pay for the building, and the other three units provide an income stream.

If you just want to see the floor plan and furniture layout of a typical unit, go to: https://easybuildingplans.gumroad.com/l/jqqkk I charge a small fee for this intellectual property to prevent abuse.

Almost like a license to print money, while helping with the housing crisis.

Complete building plans are available, use the contact form.

Flat roof, one story and very inexpensive construction. The exterior can be stucco, Hardie Board, or super low cost single wall sheathing. We can modify as you like, and provide your site plans , for additional fees.

Please obtain the floor plan and basic materials list, in the e-brochure. Click HERE

5 Units in 1000 Square Feet