Remote Stealth Cabin

The Remote Stealth Cabin is the marriage of a tree house and a wooden tent. It is a deep off-grid dwelling solution. It is a minimalist concept that provides a relatively comfortable haven that is resistant, although no place is invincible, to four legged and two legged critters while you are away.  It is a refuge where you can have a wood burning stove and insulated housing way out in the boonies for a very low cost. In snow covered environments you can ski in to the cabin’s elevated entrance.

Thousands of people were excited by the beta development of this project last year. Now the complete plans for building The Remote Stealth Cabin and the expanded version shown below are finally available. Everything is explained with the plans.

If you ever need to get away from the madness, The Remote Stealth Cabin will be a place where you could stay indefinitely in relative comfort. It is your insurance against homelessness during any disaster or financial collapse that could otherwise leave you a refugee. A cabin is difficult to arrange and secure on remote acreage, but now you have a solution.



9One outstanding feature of this project is the low cost. As you create the material list you will see that the cost for materials is very reasonable. Most of the work can be accomplished by anyone who has taken a few shop classes or has experience with carpentry. A minimal tool kit, aside from the concrete is all that is necessary. The areas requiring the most expertise might be the concrete foundation piers and the roofing, which will require a fairly tall ladder since the legally necessary scaffolding will not be easily available.

This is a perfect summer camp out project that might take two or three guys a week to finish up. At the end you will have a snug little cabin that has elevated access so you can even Nordic ski into it during the winter, if you are in deep snow country. It can easily sleep five with each person having a single bed sized area and no crowding. The elevated position will take some thought to camouflage or otherwise obscure but the bonus is it can serve as a deer stand, allowing you to hunt from the cabin door.

The materials for constructing the cabin can be carried to the site in a pick up truck or towed with an ATV. The cabin is also very inexpensive to construct. The floor of the cabin is sturdy enough to support a small wood burning stove. The “Remote Stealth Cabin” has special security features that are revealed to purchasers of the building plans. This plan can be integrated into a larger traditional cabin as shown in the expanded version by simply building in the walls and floor. This might require a weekend at most. Then you will have a cabin with a secure micro dwelling space above. The ski-in entrance is still accessible at the rear. Perfect for an office, or dwelling space. After being built out it will look similar to the illustration below.

Remote Stealth Cabin Expanded Version

Remote Stealth Cabin Expanded Version

Remote Stealth Cabin Expanded Version

Remote Stealth Cabin Expanded Version

The Remote Stealth Cabin will be a place where you can get away from the madness and stay indefinitely in relative comfort. It is your deep off-grid getaway. A cabin is difficult to finance  and secure on remote acreage, but now you have an easy  solution.


The plans are in standard full scale building plans format or in an ebook version so you can build from your phone or tablet

Off-grid ebook version $19.99

Building Permit version $74.99


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What you get: Foundation Plan, Floor Framing plan, Roof Framing, a Section, Connections, Specs. The plans are shipped as PDF files that can be printed full size at any blueprint shop

The Remote Stealth cabin Ebook Cover

The Remote Stealth Cabin Ebook Cover

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