Garage Converted to a House

20 X 24 Garage with Plans to Convert to a house

20 X 24 Garage with Plans to Convert to a house

Transforming Garage into a Cottage

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Two Plans are included in this offering: One plan for the basic garage, and the second plan is the full package to convert the garage into a cottage

In the world of affordable housing a garage converted into a cottage is among the top five least expensive dwellings.

The process for this type of project is also favorable  because a garage is one of the easiest buildings for which to get  building permit, and is very simple to cost estimate.

Later after completing the garage, a second  set of plans required to convert the garage into a dwelling are also simple and can easily obtain a building permit.

It is surprising to see how a comfortable and viable one bedroom  house can be made out of a 20’ x 24’ basic garage. If attic trusses are used for the roof an additional usable attic can also be created.

Building a garage then converting it into a little house is pretty much the most risk-free, positive cash flow project that can be cheaply built. It also is a dream first house to build from scratch. If a low cost lot can be obtained, the house can be built for the price of a high mid-level car. Easily paid off in ten years.

This cottage is ideal for a first home, retirement, a mortgage helper or a way to quickly monetize a vacant lot. it might be one of the few houses that a couple each earning minimum wage could afford to build.

This project contains two plans: One for a basic 20’ x 24’ garage. The second plan is the plan package for converting the garage into a one bedroom cottage. Both are for permit application.

The plan packages consists of: The foundation plan, floor plan,  the roof framing plan, a section, four elevations, connection details and general specs.