Man’s House

The Man’s Dream House


"The Man's House " Designed by William Edward Summers for

“The Man’s House ” Designed by William Edward Summers for

    “The Man’s Dream House ” Designed by William Edward Summers for


The Man's Dream House

The Man’s Dream House

Most realtors and home builders will quickly tell you that it is the woman who chooses the house. A man may hope to get a corner of a closet for his sole use. If he is extremely fortunate he may have some control over a basement or garage for his own projects.

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“The Man’s Dream House” plans have been designed by William Edward  Summers for Online Design Firm, it is a house that is specifically designed for men.   Consider the features:

The overall footprint of the house is 30’ feet by 50’ feet. It can be 2”x 6” wood framed or built with concrete blocks.

The first floor has twelve foot high ceilings and the second floor is eight feet to the top of the plate with vaulted ceilings

It has a three car sized 30 ’x 30’ shop area with 11’-0” high, 14’-0” wide roll-up doors for easy drive through.

Adjacent to this area is another shop area that is about 20’ x 30’ with a full bathroom and  8’-0” wide roll-up door  for shop area access. Half of this secondary shop area can be built out as a studio apartment.

Upstairs there is a compact two bedroom apartment with decks that wrap all around.

There is also a 900 square foot man cave. The man cave has enough room for a media viewing area, a pool table and more.

There is a deck outside of the man cave for parking a BBQ or developing a full outdoor kitchen.

The exterior design is low key and the layout is designed to  to lock and leave. There is additional access security because two doors must be passed to enter into the dwelling area and the windows to the dwelling area are about 16 feet from the ground.

A similar Project called “The Dream Shop” also designed by William Edward Summers for was met with a tremendous response when it was released during the summer  with inquiries about buying the plan still coming in almost daily. This new project takes the concept to another level.

Buy the Plans: $375.00 USD