6 Quick Tips for Expediting your Building Permit Application


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6 Quick Tips for Expediting Your Building Permit Application


William Edward Summers


Applying for a building permit can be an intimidating experience. There can be significant cost, unknown timelines for issuance of the permit, and the dreaded revision comments that will possibly come back if/when the plans are bounced. These six simple tips can assist tremendously with the building permit application process, and help you expedite your project.

1). Make sure to get the contact information of anyone who is responsible for reviewing your plans or issuing the permit. These people can be difficult to reach so a direct email and phone number can be invaluable

2). When speaking to the Building Inspector or Plan Checker only answer direct questions. Do not volunteer information or chat about your project, you may unwittingly open a can of worms for yourself.

3 ). Avoid arguments with any building official. If you get someone angry it may cause them to nit-pick your application and plans. If you tend to be hot tempered, it might be a good idea to have someone else bring the plans to the counter and process your application.

4). Don’t lie. If a lie is discovered it will motivate the officials to doubt everything you say and possibly make them want to double, or triple check everything about your application.

5). Bring professional looking plans for your application. No drawings on graph paper for your project. If the plans look amateurish they will not be trusted, assuming they are even accepted for the application.

6). When at the counter with the plans, it is possible for a knowledgeable person to make minor modifications in ink directly on the plan prints and initial the change. This will save a huge amount of time in getting a revision created.


 William Edward Summers has been the principal of a design firm in California, since the early 1980’s, with a second office outside the US since the 1990’s and has completed over 6000 projects throughout the west coast and beyond. He has also taught the building code