7 Important Recession-Proof Preps That You Can Still Complete This Summer


7 Important Preps
That You Can Still Complete This Summer

It seems like virtually every economist, political scientist and financial consultant anticipates a recession very soon, a recession much worse than the problems experienced in 2008/10. There is no end to the prepper and survivalist articles listing the extensive and very expensive preparations that they say you must make in order to survive. Unfortunately many people do not have the time or money to make such expensive and complex preparations. “Every journey starts with one step so it makes sense to have the first steps taken be feasible and affordable.” Says designer and author William Edward Summers The tips below are important projects that you can still complete this summer.

1)Arrange your bedside turn out gear. This is the clothing and supplies that you will immediately put on in any emergency that might require leaving your house. It includes your seventy-two hour bug out bag, a complete outfit with layers depending on your local climate for warmth and waterproofing, along with good walking shoes. You cannot have everything in your bedside turnout gear but you want enough to not find yourself standing outside in flip flops and a bathrobe during a disaster or an emergency.
2)Place your important documents on a 2 in 1 flash drive so they may be accessed on either a laptop or a tablet. It makes sense to go one step farther and get a cord that allows your cell phone to access the same flash drive. This is the place to keep scans of documents such as prescriptions, marriage licenses, insurance papers, driver’s license, deeds, passports, birth certificates, etc… Also keep educational and instructional first aid information, information about various ways to purify water, edible plants in your area, etc..
3)Develop extra dwelling quarters on your property. During the last recession millions of families lost their homes and became refugees in their own country. You can help friends or family members avoid such a terrible outcome by having at least a minimal rental space. It can be something as simple as a hide a bed sofa in a family room, a couple of folding beds tucked away in the laundry room, or buying some bunk beds. The best solution is to build a garage with an apartment either above or behind (see the enhanced garage).
4)Install a wood burning stove that can heat your entire house. During extended blackouts or events like Hurricane Sandy a wood-burning stove might make all the difference between going to a public shelter and being able to stay warm, cook food, and ride out the disaster at home. Don’t forget to get several cords of well-dried high quality firewood.
5)Set up your micro mini urban farm. Did you notice that the price of protein skyrocketed last year? The price of food is almost certain to increase during a recessionary period so take steps now to produce your own food options. A chicken coop with a dozen chickens will provide more eggs that you will be able to eat. You will have no problem selling your extra free-range organic eggs. If you have enough room to raise meat birds not only will you have all the chicken that you want but also you will be able to sell chicken at a very good price per pound. Some people will buy a tray of thirty chicks to raise to slaughter weight in thirty to forty days….. A garden can still be planted even late in the summer for some crops. Even a ten by ten garden can produce a good amount of food and remember that each dollar that you spend on a garden brings at least thirty dollars return in produce. If land for gardening is not available where you live consider establishing small stealth gardens within a short walk of where you live. This can be on abandoned lots, obscure locations in parks along alleyway, and places like that. don’t plant in neat straight rows but replicate the weedy uncultivated look. Most people can only recognize a few plans when they are growing so your concerns about theft will be minimal.
6)Find a retreat location. Many cannot afford to buy the retreats that are often described by millionaire prepper bloggers but there are other options. One easy way to get a good chunk of land in your possession is to buy a mining claim. Mining claims are usually at least forty acres and are in remote locations. Many have creeks or river for gold panning. I have seen prices as low as $500 for rugged hike in access claims. The first thing to do on a mining claim is to build an outhouse. It is a simple but very important first step. Next, a super inexpensive cabin like the “Remote Stealth Cabin” or something equally minimal could be tucked away on the site as a “mining shack”….. Another option is to buy a campsite in a development. There are many lakeside campsite developments that allow both camping or building a cabin. Most that I have seen are very inexpensive and offer some infrastructure like a community center, utilities, etc… Always have a plan B and C for your dwelling arrangements.
7)Plan a bug out vehicle. The most useful easily available vehicle is a full sized van. It will enable you to take your family and a few of your most cherished possessions and go wherever you wish. With planning it is possible to sleep in a van for a night or two. Your options increase with an RV, or trailer, but for many a van is enough of an investment. Get good tires and pack some tools, chains, repair supplies, and a manual. If you can only have one vehicle, a full size van might be a good choice.
Summer is almost over and the fall that many dread is coming near. A few preparations now could make the difference between misery and relative comfort if hard times materialize.

Look for  the enhanced garage with apartment plans , and the Remote Stealth Cabin





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