Add Room with No Building Permit

Legally Add a Room to your Site  Without a Building Permit.

Build From Your Phone or Tablet

No Permit Required Room

No Permit Required Garden Cottage

Everyone needs more space, no one ever seems to have enough storage space.

One of the most stressful hurdles to being able to build more space is the hassle involved with getting a building permit.

However in the building code of most municipalities there is a little known clause that permits the construction of rooms of a specific size without building permit.

The “Garden Cottage ” plans contain the complete plans to build the permit exempt room. Since you will not need to get a permit this plans can be built from your phone or tablet. The plans are designed to high quality  building code standards and can be used immediately.

No Permit Required Room

No Permit Required Garden Cottage

Tiny School House Style Building

In most municipalities tiny houses are not required to obtain a building permit, just an RV or other siting permit. this 8′-6″ x 20′-0″ unit has a full bath and kitchenette. It can be towed on the highway.

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