The Enhanced Garage

The Enhanced Garage is a garage with a rear studio apartment. Click HERE


enhanced garage with apartment

The 24′ x 34′  Enhanced Garage designed by William Edward Summers for online design firm, is a simple inexpensive mixed use building plan. It is designed to generate revenue from renting the micro apartment as well as the garage as parking or shop space. It can work as a cabin or a retreat.The plans are ready for building permit application

Here is what you get: floor plans, foundation plans, roof plan, four elevations, a section connection details and general specifications.

Building Specifications: 2″x6″ wood framed walls, pre-manufactured truss roof framing, reinforced slab foundation, corner brace walls with a sturdy shear nailing pattern, stem wall of foundation is 3″ above slab. 5:12 roof pitch,

24″x36″ sized sheets,  shipped via email PDF files, delivery within 72 hours. Print out at any blueprint shop

newg4Contact me via the form below and be sure to include your shipping email with your order


20 thoughts on “The Enhanced Garage

  1. Nabeel Malik

    can I get contacted please on how much it would cost for this with the land and setup from lenders in the Orange County Area

  2. JR Hernandez

    I live in santa maria,ca and I’d like to know a rough estimate of how much it costs to build this building with the studio? Thanks

  3. Garvin Tia

    I am interested in this plan…? I too am curious about the question from Jimmy and Julie Thank you

  4. Jimmy and Julie

    Can you recommend a construction loan company that works with you if we have the land.
    Can you also recommend a builder and the cost to build this particular model.


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