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Would you like to build a new small building and have it generate cash flow in addition to providing a dwelling?

These building plans are designed to generate immediate cash flow. They are also small and inexpensive to build. This could be a perfect first house solution, mortgage helper, investment, a retirement strategy or a part-time dwelling.

What you get: floor plans, foundation plans, a section, second floor framing ( if two stories), roof framing plan, four elevations, connection details, general specifications. Formatted as 24″ x 36″ standard architectural sheets, printable at any blueprint shop. Shipped via email as PDF files

Please take advantage of the super low prices for building permit ready plans if there is a possibility that you will want to build in the future.

The Enhanced Garage

garage with apartmentenhanced garage with apartment The twenty by twenty-four  garage portion of the building can be converted into a one bedroom apartment to make a small duplex. The floor plan for the garage conversion is available, just ask.

Buy the Enhanced Garage plans $125.00 sale price

The Enhanced Garage

The Enhanced Garage

30 x 50 Two Story Dream Shop

30x50 Two SAtory Building

The Dream Shop. 2 Stories, and Small Apartment

This simple building is a shop with mezzanine apartment  (two bedroom one bath).

It can also be configured as a 1500 square foot flat with 1500 square feet of shop below, or as four two bedroom, one bath apartments

This inexpensive easy to build plan can do all of that and more. at this price it is worth it to have in your back pocket for when you are ready to build.

Buy 30′ x 50′ Two Story DREAM Shop plans $225

30 x 50 Two Story BHuilding

30 x 50 Two Story Building

Mini Live/Work Building

could you use a slender two story one bedroom apartment above a 16′ x 32′ workspace or garage? Perfect for commercial applications with ability to live above the shop. the shop area can be converted into a second one bedroom apartment for cash flow if desired.  a very low cost and flexible use plan, also perfect as a first house.

The Mini Coach House

16 Foot Wide Coach house

16 Foot Wide Mini Coach House

Buy the 16 Foot Wide Mini Coach House plans for $150.

16 foot wide live-work building

16 foot wide live-work building


20 x 24 Garage

20 x 24 Garage

This is the CLASSIC GARAGE, the birthplace of many empires and dreams. There is plenty of storage or workshop space too.

Buy NOW for only $49.95

20 x 24 Classic Garage

20 x 24 Classic Garage

Many more plans are being rendered . This a partial list of what is available now:

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1). 2 Storey Dream Shop. Everything you want in a shop plus a small apartment:

2). The Enhanced Garage with Apartment. Low cost, Low Key Living:

3). Classic 2 Car Garage:

4). The Remote Stealth Cabin:

5). Traveler’s Triplex. Downsized Income Units:

No Renderings Yet But Available as Plans:

1000 Square Foot Three Bedroom House

12′ x 24′  Garage with 6 Foot High Attic Storage

Portable wood fired off grid sauna with sleeping alcove

Two Story 20′ x 24 Garage with one big open room upstairs and two piece bathroom

The Remote Stealth Cabin

500 Square foot Lane House (guest cottage)

Two story two bedroom Post and Beam Cabin with balcony and deck

The tiny live/work house

Two bedroom coach house

One bedroom coach house

16′ x 20′ shed

Three sided garage/carport

16′ x 24 micro coach house

Two bedroom guest cottage

Small inexpensive four unit apartment building

30′ x 50′ shop

Shipping container converted to habitable space

One bedroom hillside cottage


14 x 24 Garage with attic


Numerous shed, shop/dwelling combinations

And many others…..

All prices in U.S. Dollars