Dream Shop, with Apartment, Black Friday/Holiday Season Sale

Dream Shop With Apartment, Black Friday/Holiday sale

Now $99, down from $750, during the Black Friday/Holiday season sale.

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Buy now. immediate download. PDF files, print out full size plans at any blueprint shop. Click the button and toggle image to see the floor plan.

This Dream Shop features a two story high 30′ x 30′ shop area with a huge 14 foot roll up door.

Behind that is a 20’x 30′ mezzanine with a compact two bedroom apartment.

Under the apartment is another 600 square feet of shop area.

The entire building is 30′ x 50′

This building offers amazing flexibility. The complete ready-to-use building plans can be in your hands now. This plan has been built in California, Oregon, Washington, Canada and beyond. The plans are updated to reflect recent changes in the building code.