Stock Building Plans

These are the best prices for the stock plans with no modifications. Customization is available for additional  fees. Most of these plans have been built in various locations.

Floor Plans, foundation plans, four elevations, roof framing plan, floor framing (for raised floor or second floor framing}, a section, connection details, and specifications.

Classic Two Car Garage

20 x 24 Garage

20 x 24 Garage




20′ x 24′ Garage  #SBo1

$29 For the Basic 20 x 24 garage plan as shown with 8′-0″ high walls   a 6:12 roof pitch


30′ x 50 One Story Shop

30x50 Two Storey Shop with Apartment

30′ x 50′ Two Story Shop with Apartment



30 x 50 Shop with Apartment #SBo2

$79. This is an extremely versatile and popular plan. There is room for a 20′ x 30′ two bedroom apartment on the rear mezzanine. or can just be open. This plan has been built in at several locations in  the U S and in Canada. Very easy and inexpensive to build.

Enhanced Garage with Micro Apartment

Enhanced garage with apartment

Enhanced Garage with Apartment



30 x 50 Shop with Apartment #SB03

$49. This standard 20′ x 20′ garage area has a full micro apartment in the back. Perfect for a rental unit or an office. A very low key dwelling space that you can’t even tell is there.

30′ x 50′ One Story Shop



30 x 50 Shop #SB04

$49.This is a basic 30′ x 50′ one story shop. The walls are 9′-0″ high and the roof has a 4:12 pitch.

Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)

basic ADU elevation

basic ADU elevation

Assessory Dwelling Unit Plan

Accessory Dwelling Unit Plan

This accessory dwelling unit (ADU) is 1000  square feet with three bedrooms, one bath. It is easy to expand by adding a garage on the kitchen end and adding a porch across the front.The low pitched 4:12 roof keeps the building below most height limitations. The foundation is super inexpensive simple slab on grade. This plan is easily modified to suit.

ON SALE FOR $125 ,

30 x 50 Shop with Apartment

30 x 50 Shop with Apartment


These other plans are also available but without a rendering yet

Portable wood fired off grid sauna with sleeping alcove

Two Story 20′ x 24 Garage with one big open room upstairs and two piece bathroom

The Remote Stealth Cabin

500 Square foot Lane House (guest cottage)

Two story two bedroom Post and Beam Cabin with balcony and deck

The tiny live/work house

Two bedroom coach house

One bedroom coach house

16′ x 20′ shed

Three sided garage/carport

16′ x 24 micro coach house

Two bedroom guest cottage

Small inexpensive four unit apartment building

30′ x 50′ shop

Shipping container converted to habitable space

One bedroom hillside cottage




And many others…..