Micro Coach House

Build Your Own Micro House for about $200 a Month

Micro Coach House by William Edward Summers

Micro Coach House

Build it using a credit card instead of a mortgage. Expand into a full cottage later.


Micro Coach House

Build it for about $20 thousand dollars


The “Micro Coach House” is alternative stealth housing designed by William Edward Summers
for easybuildingplans.com to meet the need for ultra-#affordablehousing . The cost of
construction is in about the $15,000 to $25,000 range with a design that allows it to slip without a ripple into most types of neighborhoods.
The low cost component of the concept allows a person with a credit card to finance the
complete construction without needing to get a mortgage. Since the building is so simple it can
be easily permitted as a single car garage or storage building without an inspector realizing that
it is actually a dwelling.
With the “Micro Coach House” it is difficult to see that you are looking at a residence from the
curb view. The stealth nature of the design makes the concept ideal for a survival retreat that
can be hidden in plain sight. It would be easy to drive by it every day and not see it as a
Although the actual living area is less than 200 square feet total it has a full bath and kitchenette on the first floor tucked in an alcove behind the single car parking section. The attic sleeping loft is accessed by pull-down stairs and has about 106 square feet of standing height room with more usable space under the sloping rafters. The building footprint is only 14′ x 26′ with a height of 16′ at the ridge.
Complete building permit application ready plans.
Land cost
Finding a site upon which to build your “Micro Coach House” might not be as difficult
as expected if you think outside the box. Unless you are building on family property forget about Santa Cruz or West Los Angeles. Solutions that might work are places like Shelter Cove in the Lost Coast of Northern California, Ocean Beach on the Olympic Peninsula, in Washington,or the Antelope Valley in Los Angeles. Also there are always cheap lots on ebay, landwatch.com, or lotflip.com.
Some municipalities require a minimum house size which must be considered when building
this 364 square foot project. The “Micro Coach House” can be permitted and used as a garage
with a shop and storage and used as a dwelling at a future time if needed.
Create a couple of jobs, provide affordable housing, get an extra garage space and improve
your property value, all of this is accomplished when you build “The Micro Coach House”. A win-
win-win scenario.

$29.99 Micro Coach  Complete  House Plans