How to Move to Canada Part Time

Building a Cabin

by William Edward Summers

Many Americans are interested in moving to Canada but for some it might be impossible. However it is possible to live in Canada part-time. Now is an excellent time to begin planning for construction of your low key, low cost cabin in Canada during this coming summer.

The best weather in the entire country is in a small region in the extreme southwest corner of the Province of British Columbia mainland around Vancouver, and all of Vancouver Island. A choice area for those that prefer four seasons is a region in the lower center of the province called “The Interior”. The largest city there is Kelowna.

Land costs are surprisingly high in the Canadian Riviera, and seller financing is rare. The best way to find inexpensive building lots is to search for “landwatch, British Columbia, Canada” . You may substitute any other province of your choice for the search. If you don’t mind cold snowy winters search the entire country. I saw lots in Quebec yesterday for as low as $300 CDN, but that location has major snow.

Building Your Cabin

An excellent low cost, low key dwelling is the Enhanced Garage with Apartment designed by William Edward Summers for, Online Design Firm. The Enhanced garage is a two car 480 Square foot garage with a 336 square foot studio apartment attached. It is all on one floor and costs about as much as a mid-level car to build.

The Enhanced Garage with Apartment

There are a number of other small buildings at the site including small multi-units and various shop/garage/dwelling combinations. This is a must visit site if you are planning an building of this type.

Canada in General, and The Canadian Riviera in particular have become a very popular location for those seeking an easy low key lifestyle English speaking culture in a peaceful, beautiful, low crime country with excellent healthcare and extremely low handgun ownership.