6 Tips for A Food Crisis Like in Venezuela

by William Edward Summers

The stories and pictures coming from famine struck and collapsed economy sites like Venezuela are truly horrific. There are recent reports of 15% of the population of Venezuela eating garbage to survive. These  tips are provided as a strategy to add resilience and increased food security  to people suffering in  terrible collapse and famine situations

Immediately Begin Growing Sprouts.

Sprouts can be grown within about three days in a large jar on a window sill. if a new crop is started every other day there will be a continuous supply of organic very healthy greens. For instructions on how to grow this simple crop please visit the links:


Grow Kudzu.

Kudzu is a very rapidly growing weed that is also edible. it is a vine that quickly covers everything in its path, so plan the location accordingly. it provides good cover for snakes, unfortunately, so people run animals through the vines before harvesting. Kudzu recipes can be found at this link;



Grow Cucuzzi Squash.

Cucuzzi squash is a very fast growing and prolific vegetable. It is a vine that will grow up to cover a 6′ x 6′ trellis and produce a large number of giant squash. “enough to feed an army” some have said. it can be used by cutting into 1/2″ cubes and added to soups, pasta sauce or other preparation methods For more information visit:



Raise Rabbits.

Rabbits are one meat source that is quiet and can easily be raised inside of a a small space. They are ready for the table in roughly eight weeks when they are about five pounds. In some European countries a stronger flavor is preferred so the animals are raised to full weight. The easiest way to prepare them is like fried chicken but with less heat , or in a soup. It is unwise to allow children to perceive them as pets or give them names or they will never make it to the table.


Fast Garden.

There are several vegetables that can be eaten within about one month of planting. These include Arugula, Radishes, Lettuce, Spinach, Baby Carrots. Plant a new batch every other week to ensure a steady supply. Salad greens are also a very lucrative source of income if there are many restaurants in your area. There is an unending demand for organic salad. Tip: use heritage, non GMO seeds and save some seeds from each corp to replant.

Unusual Food Sources

Kelp is one of the fastest growing sea vegetables. If near an ocean it can be harvested, dried and added to food to boost the nutritional value. Bamboo is also very fast growing  but it does take a couple of years to get to the stage where it grows quickly and is edible. Normally only the bamboo shoots are eaten.

Guide to Edible Seaweed:


Growing Bamboo Shoots:

Perhaps the key to increased resilience consists on not doing just one thing but launching several solutions at once. Even in limited space much can be accomplished.  By increasing the available sources of food, the danger of desperation or starvation may be reduced.




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