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Why You Need to Build a Cabin Now 

Remote Stealth Cabin Expanded Version

Remote Stealth Cabin Expanded Version

During the great economic boom that North America experienced after WWII a cabin was a small luxury that many families enjoyed. It was a place to get in touch with nature and perhaps do a little fishing or just taking it easy.

Today we live in a world where people in places like Los Angeles are renting out vans and cars for people to use as dwellings because millions of families have become homeless. Much worse conditions are expected during the next financial collapse. These days a cabin is much more than a place for recreation, it is a place that can save you from homelessness and provide a place to get away from the madness. Now more than ever it might be time to build a cabin while it is still possible to do so.

One big issue that prevents many from moving forward with such a construction project is cost; how to afford to build during tight economic times. There are several possible strategies to tackle this problem. One might be to build a building with minimal infrastructure that can be more fully developed at a later time. Think of something as basic as a 20 x 20 or 20 x 30 post and beam carport with high walls and a vaulted gable roof for future loft space. Once the basic structure is in place it would be fairly simple to fill in the walls and develop further. Meanwhile such a structure is not something that would require security from breaking and entering since there would be no walls and nothing to steal. When the time is right it would probably take one weekend to nail the plywood sheathing into place, install insulation and enclose the basic shell.

If building in a lakeside resort where there is some existing security an “enhanced garage” as found at might be the perfect low cost solution. “The Enhanced Garage” is basically a 12’ x 20’ two-car garage with a full micro-apartment at the back. It looks low-key and residential enough to fit easily into a resort community of the type mentioned. The plans come with development concepts to increase the habitable space.

If the anticipated big recession does come to fruition as most people expect, even a 12 x 14 shed would be a much-desired shelter from the storm. The worse case scenario is that a little money was used to build an inexpensive cabin as insurance and now you have a peaceful spot to sit by the fireplace out at the lake.

The Remote Stealth Cabin:

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