Special Pricing for These Plans

30' x 50' Two Storey Shop with Apartment

30′ x 50′ Two Story Shop with Apartment


Even if you don’t plan to build now it is worth it to have the plan in your pocket

This is our most popular ready to use stock plan. Versions of this plan have been built in California, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia. The basic plan is a seventeen foot high shop with a 20′ x 30′ two bedroom apartment on the mezzanine The small two bedroom apartment may be repeated within the building envelope if shop space is not required to obtain up to four units. There is tremendous flexibility with this plan and great revenue generating potential. Very inexpensive to build.

Even if you do not build now it would be a fantastic plan to have in your back pocket at this incredible price, for when you are ready to build.

What you get:

floor plans, foundation plans, four elevations, sections, roof framing, roof plan, connection details, specifications. and notes. Full size 24″ x 36″ architectural sized sheets ready to print PDF files

The plans have been engineered , however your local building department may require more information or local engineering.

PLEASE NOTE: In ordering your discounted building plans you agree to leave a review on amazon.com within two weeks of purchase

The Available Plans

Inquire using any format on this site.

30' x 50' Two Storey Shop with Apartment

30′ x 50′ Two Storey Shop with Apartment



20 x 24 Garage

20 x 24 Garage



800 Square Foot Cabin

800 Square Foot Cabin




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